FPL transfers DGW26 – FFGeek team transfers complete


Here’s our FPL transfers DGW26 article where we confirm our transfers early having only the exact funds to do so.

FPL transfers DGW26 – FFGeek team transfers complete

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Transfers complete

See my early thoughts on the FFGeek team if you want the background but here I’m just going to confirm the transfers

I think I could have got away with 1 more day before price rises scuppered me but with the exact funds I wasn’t going to take any chances

The transfers are Kane in and Lookman in to fund it,  Antonio out and Son out

Here’s the team lineup:

FPL transfers DGW26

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14 thoughts on “FPL transfers DGW26 – FFGeek team transfers complete”

    • Thanks for the support mate. Not sure yet. Thinking about either the Bench Boost or triple captain but no convinced on either

  1. Hi Geek,
    I have exactly the same bench as you and am going to bb. My reasoning is that the only other decent time to do it where fixtures are good for this bench is GW30. Pope doesn’t have a double that week, although Leeds and West Ham have easier fixtures on paper.. but Leeds are on fire now, and Villa are considerably weakened. Also there is the plus of getting the damn thing out of the way and being able to divert funds around if needed. I can see 15 points at least on that bench this week.
    Good luck whatever you decide.

  2. Geek, and others : Why is it so that Fulhams Aina ola 4.5m defender is going under the radar? Great form, ok fixture, plus he has a fixture in BGW29.

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