fantasy premier league midfielder tips GW3 – player rankings


Here’s our fantasy premier league midfielder tips GW3 – player rankings article. There’s a table of stats to help and a spreadsheet that can be filtered how you like.

fantasy premier league midfielder tips GW3 – player rankings

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Until there is a decent amount of data for the 19/20 season my rankings will be primarily based on historic performance.

I’ve picked a selection of midfielders who I think will start GW3 although where there is doubt it is mentioned in the commentary below.

I’ve then looked at their expected goals and assists data in 18/19 so far as well as how it relates to their historical numbers. After that I’ve then adjusted it for their ability to over/underperform, their bonus potential, their average minutes played and clean sheet points.

Stats definitions

FFG Proj PPG: The PPG going forward using the above methodology adjusted for minutes played as above.  This figure is not fixture adjusted

FPL PPM 18/19: The points per match from the fantasy premier league website for 18/19

Consistency: the % of starts where the player has scored a goal or assist. Only appearance of 45 mins or more count

Projected minutes:  The average minutes played using a base of what they didin the last 10 gameweeks of 18/19. However in some cases where I didn’t think that was representative going forward I’ve subjectively adjusted them.

Fixture ease: this is the fixture adjustment from my attacking players fixture ease schedule article.

VFM: That’s the points for 6 games divided by the price to give a value for money estimate.

PPM 19/20:  self explanatory.

ATGS GW3:  the anytime goal scorer bookies odds for GW3 for £1 invested.

The schedule ranked by projected points

Here is the link to the google spreadsheet. You can go to file>make a copy and then sort it how you like.

However, the schedule is ranked by my projected points over 6 gameweeks. That’s my projected points per game adjusted for fixtures over 6 weeks

The schedule ranked by value for money

To do this I’ve just taken the projected points over 6 gameweeks and divided them by the price.  It’s not a perfect system and tends to favour cheaper players.  If you put it into practical use and pick 2 designated captains who you think will score the most points and then use VFM as a guide for the rest then it does fit into the FPL £100m value pretty well with a cheap bench.  What it does mean is you have 2 expensive players as captain rotations and then alot of players at a similar price of around £6-7m and at the moment a 5 man defence.  Those players probably have the most variance around their points potential and most FPL  managers would find that a pretty inflexible structure

Here’s the schedule anyway for interest:

fantasy premier league midfielder tips GW3

New players to the PL

It’s very difficult to make assessments of new players to the PL especially those who come from leagues where there is a limited amount of stats.  I haven’t included Ceballos, Trossard and Ndombele as I just found it too difficult to assess them.  Mount and Pulisic do make the above tables but again there’s alot of risk around the accuracy of those numbers.

Budget midfielders

At the £4.5m to £5.0m ish range the following midfielders are worth considering for your bench.

Cantwell £4.6m

Dendoncker £4.5m

Norwood £5.0m

Stephens £4.5m

Hayden £4.5m

A fixture ease schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences they face over the next 6 gameweeks.

fantasy premier league best fixtures GW3

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