FPL tips GW11 – FFGeek contributors show their GW11 teams part 4


Here’s our FPL tips GW11 article where FFGeek contributors show their GW11 teams part 4. In this last group of contributors teams there’s Keith Spencer, Prakhar Patel, Alex Skinner, Andrew Pratt, Yaniv Salomon,  and Rob Cosgrove

FPL tips GW11 – FFGeek contributors show their GW11 teams part 4

This is part 4 of the FPL managers who contribute to the FFGeek site with good histories who show their teams each week. This will give people a feel for what other managers are doing. It’s a fairly informal thing with no obligation on anyone and these teams may change at anytime before the deadline without further notice. In the future it also wont cover early transfers. It’s just to give an idea of the trends for the week no more.

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Yaniv Salomon

Yaniv finished with an overall rank of 4k last season and 8k in 17/18

GW10 points: 60 (FPL average 49) Total points 556 Gameweek rank 1,445k, Overall Rank: 235k, green arrow 46k , Team Value: £103.1m

Transfer summary:  Carrying over a free transfer

FPL tips GW11

Prakhar Patel

Prakhar finished with a rank of 17k last season and an incredible 17th overall in 17/18

GW10 points: 62 (FPL average 49) Total points 538 Gameweek rank 1,217k, Overall Rank: 557k, green arrow 213k , Team Value: £101.5m

A boring transfer for me this week as I’ve got rid of Cantwell and got Dendoncker Which will enable me to bring Vardy next week by upgrading Pukki and downgrading Salah or Mount!

I’ll have two free transfers for GW12.   Captaincy is fairly simple with City at home to Southampton. You just can’t look past Raheem Sterling with that fixture. Good luck everyone and may your arrows be green!

transfer summary;  Cantwell out Dendoncker in

You can find Prakhar on twitter here

You can also here Prakhar on our subscription side Podcast this week

FPL tips GW11

Keith Spencer

Keith’s last 3 seasons overall ranks were 44k, 3k and an incredible 325th overall

GW10 points: 77 (FPL average 49) Total points 545 Gameweek rank 242k, Overall Rank: 412k, green arrow 679k , Team Value: £101.3m

transfer summary:  Wilson out Connolly in and Dendoncker out Martial in

You can follow Keith on twitter here

FPL tips GW11

Alex Skinner

Alex’s last 3 seasons were 1k, 302k and an incredible 824th overall

GW10 points: 48 (FPL average 49) Total points 495 Gameweek rank 3,376k, Overall Rank: 2,237k, red arrow 126k , Team Value: £103.0m

Here is my team for this week.

Had 2 transfers and done:

Cantwell for Martial
Aubameyang for Vardy.

Captain De Bruyne

Giving Otamendi another chance but have a strong bench this week if he doesn’t play.

Slightly concerned about not having Sterling this week but hoping that De Bruyne can cover!

Good luck all

transfer summary:  Cantwell out for Martial in and Aubameyang out for Vardy in.

FPL tips GW11

Andrew Pratt

Andrew finished with an overall rank of 8k last season and 1k in 17/18

GW10 points: 43 (FPL average 49) Total points 549 Gameweek rank 4,440k, Overall Rank: 335k, red arrow 188k , Team Value: £102.2m

Thoughts on Gameweek 10

Yet another bad gameweek gave me a third consecutive red arrow, and a big one at that. Aguero was rested for the third time in four gameweeks and Otamendi was out for a second consecutive gameweek. Additionally frustrating and costly was VAR’s handling of the David Silva goal, which I thought should’ve been ruled out through Sterling’s offside position. Salah didn’t look impressive but he managed to get a return. Aubameyang did nothing after being shifted to the flank to accommodate Lacazette. I missed out on Leicester’s rout of Southampton, having only Soyuncu. In hindsight bringing in Aubameyang instead of Vardy a few weeks back was an error.

Thoughts on Gameweek 11

This week it’s looking good for Brighton attack, Liverpool, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Frustratingly, after having been rested in GW10 Aguero and Otamendi played midweek and returned 3 goals between them. This and Pep’s comments on managing ‘legends over 30’ may well be a portent of more managed minutes this weekend. They’re both 31 in case you’re wondering. This will be deeply troubling for Aguero owners who will now think twice before captaining him, and possibly be looking to offload him. I can’t move out Aguero before a home encounter with Southampton though.

I had two free transfers and used one early to shift Aubameyang out for Vardy. Vardy is nailed in a team looking good for a top 4 finish and having a great run of fixtures until GW18. A triple up on Leicester is not unreasonable but be prepared for GWs 18 and 19, where it doesn’t get much tougher for them. Arsenal look troubled and Lacazette may keep Aubameyang away from point scoring areas. Some transfers feel iffy – this one feels really good.

It sounds like Salah is okay to play this week so he stays; although I have a feeling the Villa game could be harder for Liverpool than generally anticipated.

For my second transfer, I’m considering:

– Otamendi out for TAA (no hit),

– Cantwell (now an injury risk and generally needing to be transferred out at some point as Norwich are poor) for Tielemans and Otamendi out for Mendy (4 point hit), or

– No additional transfer, which would risk having less than 11 players fielded if the likes of Aguero, Otamendi and Cantwell don’t feature.

Cantwell straight for Tielemans in is interesting but this would leave the defence a little threadbare with Otamendi and Kelly possibly not featuring this week, so that transfer would have to be done in conjunction with bringing in a playing defender. Mendy is a potential gem but also subject to rotation. TAA and KdB are the two players I’m most keen to have back in my team, so the TAA transfer in probably makes most sense.

Thoughts going forward

I’m watching Perez and Tielemans. Also Mendy, but City rotation has hurt me.

My bench of Greenwood, Cantwell and Kelly is looking very weak. In due course this will need to be strengthened.

Good luck, all!


Transfer summary:  Aubameyang out for Vardy in.

Late update:  Otamendi and  Cantwell out for Mendy and Tielemans

Rob Cosgrove

Rob’s last 3 seasons overall rank were 45k, 40k and 23k

GW10 points: 45 (FPL average 49) Total points 522 Gameweek rank 4,201k, Overall Rank: 1,048k, red arrow 311k , Team Value: £101.6m

transfer summary:   Harry Wilson, Otamendi OUT, Martial, Soyuncu IN (4 point hit).

Captain De Bruyne

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