FPL wildcard tips – Costas Chari with his GW13 wildcard team

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Here’s our FPL wildcard tips article with another FFGeek contributor, Costas Chari, who’s activated his wildcard.   There’s his wildcard team as it currently stands with some comments on each selection.  Costas finished with an OR of 29k last season and 27k the season before.  

FPL wildcard tips – Costas Chari with his GW13 wildcard team

Hello guys! So… I have pressed the button (about time) and have prepared a team which will probably be subject to changes.  You know how it goes with wildcards, when you change the team a million times. I would just like to get a feel of what most of you think.

Here’s where I’ve ended up with my team.  Please leave any comments and suggestions in the comments section below and I’ll try and come back.

The Team

FPL wildcard tips



2 cheap Gk’s with good save points and good fixtures coming up. Nothing more to say really



Anyone not owning him is mad in my view. Some say he is overpriced for a defender… BUT he already has more points than…. let’s say Salah who is around double his price!


Fixtures are not great so I might switch to Alexander Arnold to save the extra £1.5mil but still has good clean sheet and attacking returns. Robertson’s ownership is also high so Alexander Arnold would give me cover in any double figure week that Robertson can have at anytime.


Good fixtures, good stats and set piece responsibility.


A bit of a bargain here I think as he has good fixtures coming up.   Yes the United defence is not performing this year but I could gamble with a £4.8m Lindelof who has been pretty secure in the defence this season.   Alternatively I could switch to a Newcastle defender and save some funds as well.


Only £4.2m with good returns.



Hasn’t really performed in OCT and NOV but I need Liverpool cover and I said I wouldn’t pick Salah this year so I will continue with my strategy.


Player of the season for me. Got him in GW3 and I don’t see him leaving my team unless there is a serious injury.


Great form, great and great fixtures for United so it’s a no brainer. Although saying that, I still have some fears regarding his rotation risk.


One of the seasons surprise packages especially now that he has cemented his striker role


Cheapie to rotate with great fixtures.



Even though he only seems to play an hour every game he stays in my team.


With all the bad fixtures and niggling injuries this year, he is still delivering. I cant wait to see what a fully fit Arnautovic will do during the good fixture run West Ham have got.


Will rotate with Kenedy but still great value for money.

I hope you find it useful if you’re wildcarding this week.  I’ll hopefully give my final team with the contributors articles next week.

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8 thoughts on “FPL wildcard tips – Costas Chari with his GW13 wildcard team”

  1. Nice team man! I would probably want some man city defensive cover though, they have had the best defense this season so far, might be dangerous without?

  2. Man Utd fan here. As much as I like Lindelof, he may not be worth the punt. He’ll play 90 mins and fetch you 2 pts alright, but clean sheets have been a major headache this season. May be, you can downgrade a GK and use the 0.5m cash to upgrade Lindelof to TAA/Stones. That will give you a lot more flexibility in defence.

  3. Agree that on a W.C. you really should be adding Man City deffender. I have none at present and am desperately trying to bring some in.

  4. No citi coverage, need some of them or double liverpool defence. Kennedy downgrade to 4.5 mid. Lindelof to Doherty. Hart could be Fabianski. Also if do not have Salah then you should have some free cash. Spend it somewhere brings you points l, like in premium defenders.

  5. Nice spread of funds without Salah! I am not convinced by Lindelof neither, I would get Shaw if you do want a United defender. Also, I would try to get Doherty for Bennett. If you were to downgrade Robertson to TAA, you would have the funds for this two moves.

  6. Good luck Amigo. A few thoughts on Lindy as a 4.8M D.
    Pros: 4.8M for a Champion team D
    -Top Jan transfer focus for Man U seems to be another CB, adding more risk to his spot.
    -Lindy doesnt run up the wing or take set piece kicks or get anyone wet on the attack. Hes just 4.8 on man U. Thats the only reason you are excited. I think..
    -He could naturally be rotated over the holiday schedule just because hes man u.
    -It isnt 2017 and Man U clean sheets seem to be a thing of smoke right now. 4.8m for a lack of attack and lack of clean sheets is a waste of money.
    Bottom line: I think 4.8 could be spent more carefully. Either increase to a premium or down to a cheapie attacker with a good fixture run.

    Your call though. Again, good luck amigo.

    Also, dont listen to me. I am in year 2 of FPL and call football soccer, so it’s probably poor advice! I would still like to finish top 5K this year so I will read all the sources I can..

  7. I own Hazard, but 1, 0, 4, 3 points in last 4 GWs isn’t great for the price and a downgrade to say Dilva would enable strengthening elsewhere

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