The 91st FFGeek FPL Podcast With Myself And FFGeek Contributor Alex Ball


Here’s the 91st FFGeek FPL podcast with myself and FFGeek Contributor Alex Ball who has five top 30k finishes in the last 7 seasons including 3k last season. With just 3 weeks to go to GW1 we discuss our draft teams as well including captains and strategy for the early gameweeks. We also answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel which you can see below

The 91st FFGeek FPL Podcast With Myself And FFGeek Contributor Alex Ball

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Please note this podcast was recorded at Tuesday morning 20th July

 Alex’s last 7 seasons overall ranks are 3k, 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

Geek’s last 5 seasons are 17k, 17k, 36k, 17k and 21k. 

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What’s on the Pod?

We discuss our early draft teams and explain our player selections and strategy

We then answer questions from the FFGeek Slack Channel

The Questions

What are your thoughts on the England players – should we have them in our team at the start of the season or wait on them?

Any advice on bargain bin players?

Who do you think will be the new Dallas (and Lundstram from year before) this season?

Is Toney for real?

Are there any lessons you learned from last season that you’ll take into 2021-22?

What will the impact on fixtures, and their difficulty, be of fans at stadia with only home fans for the first few months? Where might home field advantage be most impacted?

Which Prem team are you expecting do be most improved this year? And conversely which team will regress the most?

Are there any new signings that you are interested in?

What’s your early view of the template

Is there a 4m Gk or a def with some likelihood of starting even if for short-term? 

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