fantasy premier league GW2 wildcard tips – our imaginary wildcard


Here’s our fantasy premier league GW2 wildcard tips where we pretend we are using our wildcard. It gives player tips with more longevity than just for the up coming gameweek


This is a short article where I’m pretending I’m using my wildcard to give you player picks with more longevity than the next game.  It’s short as there are no stats.  I’ve given links to articles below with all the detail

Firstly, I’m holding onto my wildcard for the moment.  If I had to name a time I will use it that would probably be around GW10 but it depends on circumstances

In this article there are no stats just some brief narrative on the selection below. There’s stats in the player ranking articles which can be found here using the links below

Player rankings defence

Player rankings midfield

forwards Player rankings 

There’s also our Zaha replacement article and our fixture ease article which gives player suggestions with good fixtures

Here’s the team.  It’s cost is £100.3m

fantasy premier league gw2 wildcard tips

Defence and GK

I’ve stuck with my current GK pair of Foster and Elliot.  Hegazy of WBA does have a few more weeks before he is challenged by McAuley but he looks a good attacking pick with his height if you’re willing to take the gametime gamble.

In defence I’ve stick with Davies although when Rose is back he will lose his place.  He could be a Man City defender but I’d like to know which of Otamendi and Stones is secure or if the 3 at the back is here to stay.  Pep has said he will rotate between the 2 formations but I take anything he says with a salt mine.

I’ve gambled that Jones will hold off Lindelof and Smalling for the time being.  He’s great value and I think there are a ton of potential clean sheets there.

Cedric has good attacking potential and Southampton some great fixtures.

 Mee has some good home games in a defence that was solid last season at home.  I’m taking the gamble for the moment that it being Keaneless isn’t the end of their solidity

The Liverpool defence was terrible against Watford.  However Moreno is a good price and has attacking potential.  He has gametime risk though with Robertson and Milner also able to play LB.


Tom Carroll is the 5th midfield bench warmer

I’ve kept with De Bruyne at the moment as the most gametime secure in the Man City team.  The two City forwards up front against Brighton  is promising and could push me to 3 premium players up front but I’d like to give it a few more games first.

Tadic is a pure fixture gamble.

Willian is a cheap entry into the Chelsea attacking midfield positions vacated by the Hazard injury.  He will have some set piece responsibility

Salah is my Liverpool pick.  I prefer Mane but there is some speculation about an injury.


Kane and Lukaku are big captain options going forward.  They will fight each other for the golden boot and both should have pens.

Mounie is my cheap forward gamble.  Good fixtures after a good start against Palace.  A defensively depleted Newcastle awaits.

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3 thoughts on “fantasy premier league GW2 wildcard tips – our imaginary wildcard”

  1. My knee jerk decision 2 hours before GW1 is haunting me. With the removal of Lukaku and his brace in GW1, I am consider he has a repeat performance against a weak Swansea team on the road. However I take some solace in know I have 3 good forwards; Kane, Jesus and Firmino. Midfield is now Mkhitaryan and KDB.

    Using the imaginary wild card would see me move KDB for Eriksen, in front of the Chelsea fixture. I would also drop Jesus in favor of Lukaku. Unfortunately due to Lukaku’s 0.1 price rise, I fall that much short of making this happen.

    So I will run with my starting XI and pray that Swansea contains Big Rom and whoever I captain, KDB, Kane, Jesus or Firmino can return something with the armband. Will have to see what next week brings in term of price increases.

    • Jesus will do fine as well. Don’t worry. He was really close scoring a brace and even more last gameweek. The goals will come.

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