fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW32 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard 


Here’s our fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW32 article where I pretend I’m using my wildcard. The idea is to give you transfer suggestions for the double gameweek 32 and the weeks ahead.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW32 – the FFGeek imaginary wildcard 

You can see stats on the players with the following articles:

Form tables

Defender player rankings

Midfield player rankings

Forward player rankings

What if you’re free hitting?

There are a number of articles on the site

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The fixtures

Here’s my fixture schedule which I’ve used to help pick the players so I can maximise players over the double game weeks and the blanks:

The team

Here’s the team.  In doing the team I’ve assumed I have no free hit but do have a bench boost chip.

fantasy premier league wildcard tips DGW32

How this team navigates the upcoming blanks and doubles

To do this I’ve used Joseph Crilleys excellent team planning tool. There’s an explanatory sheet with it but it’s pretty straightforward.  Bring the menu down.  Use file make a copy and so then enter in your own team and it does the rest.  Sometimes players need looking up manually for example FPL call Luiz, David Luiz and Romeu, Oriol Romeu for whatever reason.

Here’s the planning.

Green is someone playing.  Grey is on the bench.  Aqua?  is the captain for that round.

You can see from this that although I only get 8 players with 2 matches in GW32 the other 3 players are Arsenal home to Newcastle which is a pretty good fixture in itself.  To do that though I had to have 3 Chelsea and 3 Palace players as they are the teams with a DGW32 and a game in blank 33.

11 players rock up in GW33 and then we have 3 Brighton players for their and Cardiff’s DGW34. One is Murray unfortunately who you would think would play 1 game as I couldn’t design one that worked well with Gross in it.

DGW35 is set for the bench boost  as I’ve carried 2 transfers over for it and although it doesn’t have 15 double gameweekers the 3 Chelsea players home to Burnley isn’t a bad alternative.

There are sacrifices though no Man Utd players or Kane or Bournemouth players who have some excellent fixtures.

The official fantasy premier league fixture ranking schedule

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  1. Amazing work! Just the strategy I was looking for since I used my free-hit in GW27 trying to capitalize on Man City and Everton’s DGW.

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