FPL Teams 21/22 – 4 FFGeek Contributors updated teams after the weekends madness


Here’s our FPL teams 21/22 article where 4 FFGeek Contributors update their teams after the injury and selection madness of the weekend. There’s Andrew Whitfield, Scott Taylor, Ben Wooton and Kris O. Between them they have 11 top 0.5% and 14 top 1% finishes in the very competitive last 4 seasons.

FPL Teams 21/22 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Updated Teams After The Weekends Madness

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Andrew Whitfield

Andrew’s last 4 seasons overall ranks were 34k, 132k, 6k and 19k

Follow Andrew on twitter here

Having got my head round the Robertson injury, I have rejigged and switched Robertson to Jota.

My other significant weekend move was Digne to Coufal, so I am now settled on a back three of Coufal Trent Alexander Arnold and Shaw

My big dilemma, as before the Robertson injury, is GREENWOOD in a 352, or INGS in a 343

My third option, is to drop Coufal to A rotating third defender, and upgrade Raphinha to Harvey Barnes

That would apply to either of the two previous Greenwood and Ings teams, with both the Greenwood option and Ings option

The 3 drafts I am currently deciding between are as shown below

The Greenwood draft

FPL Teams 21/22

The Ings Draft

The Barnes draft (works with Ings or Greenwood draft)

FPL Teams 21/22

Scott Taylor

Scott’s last 4 seasons ORs were 12k, 15k, 1k and 12k

FPL Teams 21/22

Kris O

Kris’s last 7 seasons ORs were 19k, 39k, 44k, 46k, 23k, 12k and 19k

In my previous drafts I was looking at an alternative premium to Bruno Fernandes. Initially Mane, but I decided Robertson was better value as a third Liverpool player. Then De Bruyne for City cover, especially for the plum Norwich home game in week 2, but he’s out injured. I’ve also looked at going for multiple City players (Mahrez, Gundogan, Grealish) but concluded that is too much City; especially as I’m likely to jump on Kane if his transfer goes through. That’s a long winded way of saying I’m now on the same Bruno wagon as everyone else!

My latest draft is built from eight core players: Keepers (Bachman, Foster). Defenders (Alexander Arnold, Shaw). Midfield: (Salah, Bruno, Greenwood). Forward: (Antonio).

In addition I want a third Liverpool player – the fixtures are great and they are motivated to win back the premier league. Like many this was Robertson but he’s hobbled off injured on Sunday and assuming he’s out, my initial reaction is to go Jota – though Tsmikas at 4.0 is tempting if we know he plays, the other alternative is a centre back (Van Dijk or Konate could also work).

As discussed I want City cover and I’m leaning towards the man of last season – Gundogan. He should get plenty of minutes with De Bruyne out; a key factor for any City asset. Mahrez is tempting but I’m happy to save the 1.5m.

Finally I want an ability to switch to Kane easily. My plan for this is to get a 5 or 5.5 forward who I can swap with Bruno Fernandes. In that price range I’m only interested in a Watford striker (Pedro, Deeney, King). I also want a third Man United in the situation I sell Bruno so I’ve decided to stay on 5.5m Digne, despite Everton’s poor showing on Saturday, who can switch nicely to Maguire or Wan-Bissaka (or Varane who’s likely going to be 5.5 too).

This leaves me with 13m for two cheap defenders and one cheap striker. I’ve plumped for the popular White as my 4.5m defender. The other two are open to change: (i) Amartey as my 4.0m, who played for Leicester in the charity shield – and (ii) Obafemi who is one of only four 4.5m forwards. He seems the best choice purely due to the fact Southampton sold Ings and haven’t currently replaced – whoever you choose here is unlikely to get many minutes and the reality is I will be playing with just two bench players.

With this team I see White and Deeney rotating, with White getting the nod for gameweek 1.

The final thought as I’m writing this is I might set my team up with a forward and money itb for an immediate switch to Kane – Kane debut at home to Norwich would be a lovely captain option, especially if I could achieve without any hits – I may be swayed if confidence of the deal increases over the week.

FPL Teams 21/22

Ben Wooton

Ben’s last 4 seasons ORs were 338k, 5k, 61k, 26k and 31k.


For me it’s always best cheap 8.5 options in goal. Usually I look to promoted clubs and Bachman Foster combo is obviously the cheap option but I feel Sanchez offers both good fixtures and value (with steele) until wildcard. Henderson could be one to have based on his price although guess most wouldn’t want to waste man u spaces. My other thought is Leicesters Schmeichel and Ward double as a set and forget.


I was looking at the Robertson Alexander Arnold double up but that’s out the window now with Robertson’s injury. Although will still keep latter, I am going with Shaw as next best option for a CS and bonuses starting alongside Veltman, White and the short term 4m Amartey. Keeping one eye on the Liverpool situation with Robertson though.


Salah and Bruno are a given. I keep thinking Bruno is one to take on with Greenwood but burnt by Salah last year so not risking it. Besides both offer an option to move to Kane.
I have Mahrez in alongside due to his pre season form and the injuries to De Bruyne and Foden. With Silva potentially going too maybe seems like either Mahrez or Gundogan are a good bet even with the fixtures. The cheap spot is filled by Gilmour but with no massive conviction just hope he plays to his ability.


Had Toney since day1 and although it seemed the jury was out early on he does seem to be a popular pick now. I think promoted players are usually well up for a Premier league debut.
Antonio is a fixtures pick, as to an extent is Wilson. The other options seem to be dropping like flies, ideally I’d have Tammy and Ings but will see what the last week of pre season brings.

FPL Teams 21/22

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