fantasy premier league – each teams top Points Per Match player – Part 2

Here is our fantasy premier league article where we concentrate on each teams top PPM player and give our view on their future prospects.  I also say how the individual player performed in the FFGeek team.  This article focuses on Bournemouth and Brighton.

fantasy premier league – each teams top Points Per Match player – Part 2

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Stats are from the free site understat

Bournemouth – Harry Wilson £5.8m

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If you had asked who would be the subject of this article when the season kicked off most FPL managers would have said Fraser or Callum Wilson and not Harry Wilson.

The fact that Harry Wilson’s season ranking of his underlying stats puts him in 37th place (affected by his low average average minutes played to a significant degree) on the season stats for midfielders shows you why Bournemouth are in 18th place and why only 4 teams have scored less goals than Bournemouth.  That’s not helpful when only 4 teams have conceded more goals than Bournemouth.

It also says something about Bournemouths attack when no player has a PPM of 4.0 or higher.

Wilson’s specialty is direct free kicks of which he’s scored 2 this season.  Surprisingly he has had more shots in the box than I expected although his shooting from outside the box is his specialty.

Certainly Harry Wilson’s PPM or average minutes aren’t where you would want it for the price and with the fixtures not being fantastic either then he’s not a particularly attractive proposition.  If he was guaranteed 90 minutes per game it would certainly help his case but that seems a remote chance under Howe given his rather inconsistent selection.

The FFGeek team use 

The only Bournemouth player I have used has been Callum Wilson which was right at the beginning of the season when Bournemouth had supposedly easy fixtures and many FPL managers had doubled up on them.  I had him as a hedge for this and he ended up with a below his average 3.3 PPM over 4 gameweeks in my side.

Harry Wilson due to his underlying stats and Eddie Howes rather random selection of him, as well as his low average minutes per game was never an option.  For those reason he is a very unlikely option for my team until the end of the season especially as he wasn’t selected for the last gameweek of the season so far, GW29.

He is obviously on loan at Bournemouth so whether he is back next season remains to be seen.  I can’t see him getting much gametime at Liverpool so a transfer or loan seems inevitable.  Irrespective of  that he is a pretty marginal selection at best.

Brighton – Neal Maupay £5.7m 

fantasy premier league

Maupay’s breakthrough season was 18/19 in the Championship with Brentford who he scored 25 goals.  With Graham Potter managing Swansea in the same competition it was an unsurprising transfer give the lack of options Brighton had up front.

Although he started 23 games he was subject to the randomness of Potters selection policy particularly in the 2nd part of the season and he would be difficult to own and be guaranteed he was going to start.

Maupay is very much a finisher as a forward and all his open play goals were scored within the penalty area.  He’s not a player heavily involved in the creative aspects of the game. Overall returns were pretty ordinary but his underlying stats suggested he should have scored 11 goals rather than 8.  However given his limited minutes in the leagues that track expected goals in understat it’s difficult to say whether this is going to be a pattern or a one off.  However he still only averaged around 16th for all forwards in my player rankings article over the season and last 10 gameweeks and last 5 gameweeks.

The FFGeek team use 

Maupay was a big disappointment for me in the FFGeek team.  He was in the team for 5 games and scored 14 points at an average of 2.8 points which is less than his average of 3.6 PPM.

The selection inconsistency and his underlying stats at the moment plus the unattractive fixtures to the end of the season (subject to how they are arranged obviously) means I’m unlikely to see him in my team again

A fixture ease schedule for attacking players

Here’s a graphic where the teams are ranked by the ease of the defences for the remaining outstanding fixtures to the end of the season. Ignore GW36-38 and just look at them as a block for the end of the season which could quite frankly end up in any order

FPL underlying stats

I outline my  FPL strategy along with 10 other FFGeek contributors in our new EBook.

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