Best FPL team 2022 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams


Here’s our Best FPL Team 2022 article with 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams for GW1. There’s Stephen Troop, Kris O, Alex Ball and Costas Chari. Between them they have finished in the top 20k overall rank 15 times.

Best FPL team 2022 – 4 FFGeek Contributors Teams

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Here’s a few draft teams to give you some ideas for your FPL teams. They will change prior to the GW1 deadline of August 5 although there will be updated versions before then

Stephen Troop

Stephens last 4 seasons ORs were 16k, 22k, 86k and 43k

Follow Stephen on Twitter here

See also Stephens article analysing the most popular players and part 2

This is my finalish team.

The Changes

1) Dias > Mount. I wanted Robertson as my 3rd Liverpool player. There are lots of 8.0m options but I’ve gone with Mount. Kulu and Saka are both tempting.

2) James > Robertson. Wanted Robertson so James was the makeweight. Rumours of starting as a centre back, Dumfries potentially coming in and Chelsea’s pre-season form makes me want to wait and see on their defence.

3) Sancho > Martinelli. Slight injury and Ronaldo still being at the club for me makes Man United’s other assets less attractive at least to start with.

4) Mendy>Sanchez and reserve keeper to Ward. I went in detail about the great Lei Bri defensive rotation. I had Dunk/Justin for this rotation but I can instead do it with the keepers for 8.5m instead of 9m. I was hoping this rotation would be a differential but I suspect the goalkeeper rotation will be more popular. The extra .5m for attacking potential with the defenders is probably worth it in isolation but with the keeper saving it allows me to do..

5) Dunk>Perisic and Justin>Williams. I can get the attacking Perisic who looked good on his debut. Doherty is also an option.

The team as it stands

Best FPL team 2022

Kris O

Kris’s last 8 seasons ORs were 17k, 19k, 39k, 44k, 46k, 23k, 12k and 19k

You can see the Kris’s article on the FFGeek Patreon site with loads of other content mentioned above. That includes following Kris’s Team and 5 others with live notified transfers and it’s final lineup each gameweek.

Alex Ball

Alex’s last 8 seasons overall ranks were 27k, 3k, 312k, 523k, 17k, 10k, 28k and 3k

Follow Alex on twitter

5 changes from my last draft

£5.0m Ramsdale in for £4.5m Raya – I had extra cash so went for an upgrade on the defensive team

£4.0m Ward in for £4.0m Gazzaniga – Ward seems like he will be Leicester’s number 1 with Schmeichel leaving for Nice so this is an obvious move now.

£6.0m Perisic in for £6.0m Reece James – Perisic getting minutes v Roma and looking very attacking vs concerns over James possibly being a RCB, Chelsea’s defensive record in preseason and Chelsea being interested in signing RWB Dumfries.

£5.0m Walker in for £4.5m Justin – Cucurella going to Chelsea at least stops any move for Cancelo to RB which would have prejudiced Walkers position. There’s always potential for another signing but in the short term Walker seems safe.

£6.0m Martinelli in for £7.0m Grealish – Martinelli’s excellent preseason form and Smith Rowe’s injury vs Grealish being poor in the Community Shield and the 2 subs in Alvarez and Foden playing well. This added concerns to Grealish’s gametime.

Here’s the current draft

Best FPL team 2022

Costas Chari

Costas has 3 top 30k finishes in the last 6 seasons

Follow Costas on twitter

Have not changed the team for a couple of days and since there are just a couple of days before GW1 deadline I think that is about it! The 4 week tinkering has ended. As I mentioned in my last team article the second wildcard in GW16-17 is alone a reason to try to risk it a bit at the beginning as you can wildcard early if it goes wrong.

The starting 11 come from only 4 teams with the cheapest possible bench players. I believe that with the 5 sub rule even if you get a player benched he will probably make a sub appearance. So having at least 2 playing bench players you are more than covered. Ward is the bench GK and seems to be starting the season! Andreas Pereira and Neco Williams my 2 benched players who play and I am yet to decide on the second best 4.5 midfielder. Could be Colback, Dasilva or anyone who could arise. I believe Geek suggests going double Fulham £4.5m Mids with Harrison Reed. I will be starting with a 4-3-3 which again it is different from the 4-4-2 or 5-3-2 I am seeing in most drafts.

Triple Liverpool

I have decided from when the game launched to go without Salah. NOT because I do not think he is a good pick, arguable he is the best FPL pick BUT pricing. Diaz £5m lower is a reason to roll the dice. By going NO-MO I can get my triple Liverpool with Alexander-Arnold, Robertson and Diaz and at the same time have a good captain rotation of Haaland and Kane. So I get a best of all worlds rather than having to decide between Haaland/ Kane as seen in Salah included drafts. Threemium is just not working for me as you have to make many discounts in the team to fund 3 premiums.

Triple Arsenal

Jesus was in my thinking before the game launched and at £8.0m he is a steal. I think the ownership shows that he was wrongly priced. Martinelli is in the team as well especially after the ESR recurrent injury and his pre-season form. Ramsdale is the starting GK of my team as I look to wildcard on gw8-9 if all goes well. If I panned to wildcard early then I would have gone for someone else as Arsenal do have 2 tricky fixtures to start. Ward could play in the first gameweek though…

Double Manchester City

Haaland and Cancelo are my City picks. I did have De Bruyne but budget issues made me go Haaland. I wanted to start with the Belgian and then move to Haaland when he is fully adjusted and fit. Cancelo scored just 7 less points than Alexander-Arnold last season and one is considered essential while Cancelo is thought by some to be covered by Walker etc (I don’t get it). I thought of doubling on the City defence but that will block me from getting a midfielder when I see if someone is fairly nailed so I want to be flexible and not need 2 transfer to do it.

Double Spurs

Kane and Doherty. Kane has been looking sharp and fit in pre-season and Contes strikers always thrive so he is in. Doherty is the differential pick at 1% ownership. I don’t want to make it seem that I am being smarter than everyone but if I had the extra 0.5 I would go Perisic. Now, from the 5.0 defenders I preferred Doherty as he has a high ceiling playing for a good team, although there are rotation issues. I think Trippier at a similar price has a great gw1 fixture but the next 4 are tricky. Similarly with Cash and Digne. Now I don’t want a 4.5 starting GK to fund Perisic from Doherty and I’d rather stay Ramsdale and Doherty.

Manchester United.

Ok I admit, I am a Man U fan and I like watching my team and have an FPL interest as well. Rashford is my pick. Although he has some rotation issues he looked very sharp in pre-season and after Ten Hag’s comments that Ronaldo needs to step up his fitness and the Sancho illness last weekend I think Rashford will get the first game or 2 and its in his hands to keep or lose his place. I prefer risking it with Rashford and if it doesn’t work out then moving to the emerging 5-6.5 midfielder rather than starting with Bailey/ Neto and having nowhere to go to at that price without a downgrade elsewhere.

I’ve never been a template manager as it really does not make any difference to me (or my ego) if I finish top 30k or top 100k. I’m playing FPL for fun and try to enjoy it as much as I can. Besides we are all in it to win it and no-one has ever won it by playing it safe.

Here’s the team as it stands

Best FPL team 2022

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